Get tasks done together

IssohQ allows you to work together with your team and customers on bugs, ideas and tasks


Track all tasks and ideas for your projects. Work on together and get things done

All tasks and communication in one place

Customers enter their tasks by themselve

Discuss, assign and finish

Issue types Select issue type User details ToDo

Enter all tasks, bugs and ideas, discuss and get them done together

Everything in one place instead of using Excel, e-mails, chats, messenger

  • Enter: Your customers or team members enter the task directly in IssohQ
  • Assign: Each task is assigned to one person who is the next to work on it until it's resolved
  • Automatic priorities: Insetad of setting every task to "High", IssohQ has a built-in automatic priority for each task. You decide which projects are important and the rest is done automatically
  • No more outdated tasks: IssohQ automatically raises the priority of tasks which are getting older and older without anybody working on them. Notifications will recall these issues
Telefonanrufe Sprachkommentare Meetings

All communication in one place

IssohQ integrates the whole communication stack: Meetings, Screen sharing, Whiteboards, Chat, Voice comments and phone calls

  • Meetings: Work together on issues. Chat, Voice, Whiteboard and Screensharing is available. After the meeting, all recoards are added to the discussed issues
  • Integrated telephony: Call phone numbers directly from the browser. The call will be converted to text (Speech2Text) and attached to the discussed issue
  • Voice comments: Too lazy to type comments? Just leave a voice comment and the system will convert it to text
  • Real time collaboration: All changes and comments are directly shown in your browser. No more F5'ing all the time
  • E-Mail: Changes are sent to you via e-mail. IssohQ sends summarized e-mails instead of multiple e-mails for every change/comment. You can directly reply to the notification e-mail to add a comment
Next Level Collaboration Next Level Collaboration
Next Level Collaboration

Next Level Collaboration

Get things done in real time together with your team and customers. No matter where they are

Easy quick start

Get started in one minute

Just a few steps to get your new daily tool ready:

Register, create projects and add team members and customers

Just a few clicks

Get things done together

Add comments and attachments, assign issues to others, call phones, hold meetings

Step by step to your goal

Each issue/tasks is done until the next milestone is reached

Free 14-days-trial

Try IssohQ for free and upgrade to PRO then

    • Work on other's projects
    • Comment
    • Attachments
    • Create issues/tasks
    • Join meetings
    • Notifications
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    • All from FREE incl.:
    • Create new projects
    • Add custom fields to your projects
    • Manage project members
    • Start meetings
    • Call phone numbers directly from your browser
    • Add unlimited number of FREE guests/customers to your projects
    + 4,90 € (incl. VAT) per additional team member per month
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